Frontside Ollie the all-time most viewed Finnish Music Video

Robin’s official YouTube videos have reached over 62 million views in total. Robin’s new single “Parasta just nyt” was released on Friday 15 August and it quickly became the #1 on ITunes the same day! The music video was first aired on Saturday 16 August at the Tubecon event at Helsinki Hartwall Arena and Robin was granted a special award for the all-time most viewed Finnish music video. Frontside Ollie has already been viewed 12 162 630 times to date!

Robin’s official YouTube videos have been viewed over a staggering 62 million times altogether! Undoubtedly, Robin is one of Finland’s most popular YouTube stars. Tubecon, a massive event organized by over 100 Finnish YouTube content creators, brought together over 5,000 young people interested in videos, music, games, and entertainment to Hartwall Arena.

Photos from the Meet & Greet event at Tubecon can be found here:,+Hartwall+Areena+16.8.2014/
The video for “Parasta just nyt” available here:

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