Robin’s new sheet music compilation Robin – Kaikki hitit is released today. Due to the high demand, Robin – Kaikki hitit features an extensive gathering of sheet music to 18 of Robin’s hit songs, as well as a wide variety of photos from his phenomenal career. Robin wants to encourage people of all ages to sing and make music either alone or together with a band. That is why the book features melody notations, chords, lyrics and accompaniment suggestions for drums, bass, guitar and keyboards.

Today also marks the launch of the #robinkaikkihitit competition on Instagram, where Robin is searching for singers and bands to perform at the competition’s grand finale show at the Hard Rock Café in Helsinki on May 28th. Robin will launch the competition today at 4 pm on his Instagram channel: . You can check out the official rules of the competition below.

The Yhdessä Super Deluxe special edition rose straight to the top of the official Finnish album chart on Sunday. All five of Robin’s albums have accomplished the same. He has sold a record-breaking 560.000 albums in just four years.

Robin will perform this spring’s last two shows in Seinäjoki this weekend. The Yhdessä Summer Tour will start on June 5th and 6th with a Baltic Princess Robin Cruise from Turku to Stockholm.

In addition to shows, the cruises will feature several other Robin-themed activities.


Yhdessä Tour:

23.04.2016         Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo K-18

24.04.2016         Seinäjoki, Rytmikorjaamo (SOLD OUT)

05.06.2016          Turku, M/S Baltic Princess, Robin Cruise

06.06.2016        Turku, M/S Baltic Princess, Robin Cruise

12.06.2016          TBA

17.06.2016         Jyväskylä, Sataman Yö 2016

18.06.2016         Kouvola, PURPFLASH Festival

24.06.2016         Jämsä, Himos Juhannus

25.06.2016         Rauma, Raumanmeren Juhannus

26.06.2016         Espoo, Muumi Festivaalit

01.07.2016         Juva, Juva Rokkaa-festivaali

09.07.2016          Lahti, Summer Up

10.07.2016          Turku, Ruisrock

20.07.2016          Tampere, Tammerfest

24.07.2016          Hämeenlinna, Wanaja Festival

29.07.2016          Salo, Outfox Festival

30.07.2016          Oulu, Qstock

31.07.2016         Hamina, Hamina Bastioni

05.08.2016          Seinäjoki, Vauhtiajot

06.08.2016         Porvoo, Popfest

12.08.2016          Haapavesi, Haapaveden jäähalli

13.08.2016         Rovaniemi, Simerock

24.08.2016          TBA






Finland’s brightest pop star Robin is releasing his new sheet music compilation on April 20th, and now you have the opportunity to perform for him by participating in this competition.


Do the following:

  1. Upload a video to Instagram, where you or your band sing and/or perform one of Robin’s songs. Your chosen song must be found in the new Robin – Kaikki hitit sheet music compilation:

Frontside Ollie
Faija skitsoo
Hiljainen tyttö
Haluan sun palaavan
Puuttuva palanen
Luupilla mun korvissa
Boom Kah
Sua varten
Parasta just nyt
Kipinän hetki
Milloin nään sut uudestaan?
Yö kuuluu meille
Miten eskimot suutelee?


  1. Mark your video with the official #robinkaikkihitit



The competition consists of three different stages. The first stage starts on Wednesday, April 20th at 4 pm, and ends on Wednesday May 11th at 12 am. From all the participants, a panel (Robin, Robin’s management and Otava publishing) will choose ten finalists, who will proceed to the second stage (fan voting).

The second stage (fan voting) begins on Friday, May 13th at 12 am, and ends on Friday, May 20th at 12 am. The finalists’ videos wil be reposted on the book’s and competition’s own Instagram channel (@robinkaikkihitit). The finalists’ placements will be determined by their amount of likes gathered during the competitions first two stages (including the original and the reposted videos).

The five best artists / bands will be invited to perform for Robin at the competitions grand finale show (third stage) at the Hard Rock Café in Helsinki on Saturday May 28th. During the show Robin and his panel will choose one overall winner.

The price package includes: a meet & greet with Robin as well as Robin and Otava merchandise

The bands to perform at the grand finale will be contacted via private message on Instagram. In the case that an artist/band cannot be reached, the spot will be awarded to the next artist/band.



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