Finland´s most popular pop artist Robin releases a new single “Jotain aitoo” on Friday, November 4th, 2016. On the same day starts the Kaupungit Haltuun Tour.

”The song Jotain aitoo is about something that is present in pretty much everything that we do daily. The world that we live in isn´t always what it seems. The other day as I was walking outside I noticed that people would only stare at their cell phones instead of looking at each other around them. It made me feel very lonely. Is this really what life is all about? In the song I want to avoid all things fake and I´m looking for someone to really experience, see and feel with”, says Robin about his new single. Robin has written the song together with Jurek Reunamäki (Antti Tuisku, Janna) and Henna Sarriola.

To listen Jotain aitoo click here

Robin just recently turned 18 and he has already achieved so much in his career. All of his albums, dvd’s and singles have exceeded platinum or multiplatinum status and they have sold over 570 000 copies. Robin also holds the title of the Most Positive Finn (2015) and is the Most Googled Person in Finland (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).

The Kaupungit Haltuun Tour starts in Robin´s home town Turku on November 4th. This tour has a new concept in which both adults and younger fans are taken into consideration. There will be concerts for the whole family and also club performances for over 18 audiences. In addition to hyper energetic show’s, Robin will also make surprise visits in interesting places of the tour cities and reports about them on his social media channels.


Kaupungit Haltuun Tour:

04.11.   Turku, Gong (K18)

05.11.   Tampere, Union (K18)

06.11.   Helsinki, Nosturi (no age limit)

11.11.   Vaasa, Fontana Club (K18)

12.11.   Vaasa, Jäähalli (no age limit)

18.11.   Jyväskylä, Bra (K18)

19.11.   Jyväskylä, Paviljonki (no age limit)

02.12.   Joensuu, TBA (K18)

03.12.   Joensuu, Areena (no age limit)

09.12.   Oulu, Amarillo (K18)

10.12.   Oulu, Terminaali (no age limit)


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