The Super Deluxe Edition of Robin’s double platinum selling Yhdessä album hits stores today!

Today, April 8th, marks the release of the Super Deluxe special edition of Robin’s double platinum selling Yhdessä duets album and a brand new single called “Salamatie” feat. Softengine.
In addition to the records original material, the packed Super Deluxe release features the new single “Salamatie” feat. Softengine and remixes of “Miten eskimot suutelee?” feat. Sanni and Salamatie. Fans will also find two live video recordings of the Rauhassa and the Yhdessä at Kulttuuritalo concerts. Last but not least, the unique package also contains the five latest music videos, a Yhdessä documentary and a poster.
Robin says: “Super Deluxe is the complete package. I really like that you can find all the relevant information inside one CD case. That makes it easy for fans to look at Yhdessä as one cohesive unit. And we’ve certainly gone over the top with this one.”
He also describes that Yhdessä had the most enjoyable creation process for him so far. He says: “Since this is a duets record, I got to work with such a variety of different bands and artists that I never could have dreamed of before!”
Tonight the Yhdessä Robinin kanssa documentary will air on Sub TV at 8.30 pm, where fans get to follow Robin in the process of preparing for his upcoming summer tour. Additionally, Robin will reveal what to expect from the new release and how he plans to celebrate his upcoming 18th birthday. Reruns of the documentary can be seen on Sub TV on Saturday, April 9th, at 1.30 pm and Sunday, April 10th, at 2 pm.
Listen Salamatie: click here.

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