The book ‘Yhdessä’ written by Robin, Susa Ruuhilahti and Robin’s fans is a tribute to music’s empowering force and the ability to make better sense of our everyday feelings and experiences.

The publisher of the book is Otava. The Yhdessä book will be in stores on week 29. International Robin fans can buy the book from Recordstore X.

Inspired by Robin’s Yhdessä album over 200 fans talked in social media and face to face in a total of 22 conversations. Those immemorable online-conversations and meetings, during which we laughed, shed tears and made friends, created a base for the book.

The book is composed of 14 themes which are all inspired by the Yhdessä album’s songs. In each chapter there are Robin’s and his fans’ thoughts of the theme. At the end of each chapter there are also some tasks for the reader to complete. The book invites the readers to give some thought to themselves, their actions and many different aspects of life.

The book contains many photos of which most are taken by Hannu Sormunen but it also includes some taken by the fans.

The Yhdessä book is a cheerful and a positive guide of being together. At the same time it tells about caring and the bravery of Robin’s fans when it comes to staying by eachother’s side during even the most difficult times and how they discover ways to make their lives joyfull.

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